The Best Recipe for Low Carb

 There are different types of food that have low carb, and they have a different procedure on how they are being prepared. One of them is fried cabbage which is a known for its low carb content. When preparing the fried cabbage recipe, it is important for an individual to be in an open place since it requires some fresh air due to the chili garlic paste that is usually put in hot oil. Click low carb bread recipe to read more about Low -Carb Recipes. When it comes to the procedure of preparing the recipe for fried cabbage, it will require an individual to have some good cabbages of which will be cut into small pieces so that it can make a well-fried cabbage. After the cabbages have been chopped, they are mixed with some chili garlic paste as well as salt, toasted sesame oil, soy sauce and some Splenda. All these are mixed in a small dish of which t is set by the stove ready to be cooked. A huge frying pan is usually set ready by putting it at high heat which contains some peanut or vegetable oil for which the cabbages will be put to be fried. Visit fried cabbage to learn more about Low -Carb Recipes. The cabbage is usually stirred gently on the pan for some minutes after which some seasoning will be added, and the stirring will continue for some time until the cabbage begins to wilt which will make it crispy in most of the places. An individual can sprinkle some rice vinegar as they serve.
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